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The best price for a five-star hotel in Kyrgyzstan

24-hour service. Your room will be ready for check-in at any time of the day and night

A large variety of rooms: 96 rooms of 8 categories at Jannat Regency and 85 rooms of 5 categories at Jannat Resort

Availability of own restaurant, banquet halls, and wedding alley will make Your event at our hotel special and unforgettable

Swimming pool with crystal clear water, gym and sauna will allow You to keep and strengthen the form during Your stay with us

Modern and multifunctional conference-halls will allow You to conduct any event at high level

7 facts for choosing Jannat hotels

It’s worth paying attention to Jannat Regency at least due to the following reasons:

Various options for serving visitors

Finding the hotel offering rooms with non-standard terms is not so easy, especially in Bishkek. Here you can stay and settle in the room at any time. You can rent an apartment for a day, for a night or for another period of time. With 24-hour room service, your room will be ready for check-in at any time of the day or night.

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